AriVac Inc. introduces to the marketplace a whole new concept on how to obtain diagnostic testing results based on innovation, precision, and rapidity.

Unlike the other methods available in the marketplace our detection tests eliminate the need of highly specialized and expensive personnel, costly instruments and laboratory installations because the kits, as sold, provide all of the material necessary for performing the tests and obtaining accurate results. Quality Control personal can perform and obtain laboratory accurate diagnostic testing of samples anywhere at any time; while healthcare professionals can accurately perform diagnostic testing in just a few minutes at the farm.

The rapid test kits produced by ARIVAC are based on the use of monoclonal antibodies specifically directed against the surface structures unique to each molecule, bacteria or virus. These tests are thus very specific and very sensitive. Reading and interpreting of the result is done visually by means of a solid-phase colorimetric reaction. ARIVAC applies this new antigen-antibody reaction technology and also uses a detection system, which is innovative and unique to the diagnostics marketplace. This is a solid phase detection system designed so that the test reaction is carried out entirely inside a plastic strips, without any washing or incubation.

The greatest potential of our rapid test kits is based on their rapidity and simplicity of use outside of the traditional laboratory environment. Practically speaking, they can be carried out by personal having no laboratory training. No sophisticated equipment is required and the results are obtained within 5 to 15 minutes without any incubation or washing steps.