PrALTERMATE® Solution 0.22% mimics the action of progesterone and blocks the cyclical release of gonadotrophins and thus the development of estrus. Following cessation of treatment, pituitary inhibition ceases and normal development and maturation of the follicles returns, leading to a return to estrus and ovulation.
The predictable return to estrus (generally 5-7 days following cessation of treatment) allows for estrus synchronization in a pool of cycling gilts.

PrALTERMATE® Solution 0.22% is indicated for suppression of estrus in sexually mature gilts to:

1. Permit synchronization of estrus in cycling gilts.

2. Improve breeding unit organization by facilitating batch management (all in, all out system) of the breeding gilts.

3. Reduce the pre-breeding gilt pool size.

Horses: Administer orally at the rate of 1ml per 50kg (110 lbs) body weight (0.044mg/kg) once daily for 15 consecutive days. Administer orally by dose syringe or suitable plastic syringe on to the posterior-dorsal surface of the tongue. The recommended dose may alternatively be added to the usual ration.

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